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“Concentrating on what really matters –
as much as is necessary,
but as little as possible!”


Falk and Arne Elsner

Born 1979 / 1980

Tell us a little about yourself as traders.
Arne Elsner: I get a real kick out of the stock market, and you never
stop learning, even after years of experience. The financial market is exciting, I’m really fascinated by it. I like to make decisions quickly.

Falk Elsner: I would describe myself as follows: analytical,
tenacious, target-oriented and focused.

What training do you have in the area of finance?
Arne Elsner: We are self-taught in many stock market areas.
Nevertheless, we almost exclusively draw on the tried and
tested concepts of successful traders and investors.

How did you end up in the capital market?
Falk Elsner: Our family aroused a deep-seated interest in
the capital market in me.

Why are you with Follow MyTrader?
Arne Elsner: We have a vision of improving the share culture
in Germany. We want to take other speculators by the hand
and help them achieve stock market success!

Your returns target?
Falk Elsner: Whatever the market has to offer. In general,
we aim for 15–20 per cent per annum.

What advice do you have for your followers?
Falk Elsner: When you do something, do it right!
Arne Elsner: Time is the fairest commodity.
Everyone has the same 24 hours a day.

Our strategy.
Trend-following shares with
hedging, medium- to long-term
Our focus sectors.
Sector rotation based on the
principle of intermarket analysis.
Our focus markets.
Global, USA and Europe.
Our strengths.
Systematic and clearly successful
trading approach and steady, sound performance.
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“You can study as many books as you like.
But when you find yourself standing in the ring – or
on the trading floor – it’s important to have
an expert at your side!”


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